Yoga is  a holistic life practice that will greatls help xou to enjoy our pregnance, right from the conception through to the birth. By practicing pregnancy yoga postures regularly it will increase your vitality, reduce stress levels and make you feel cllose to your growing baby long beofre he or she is born.


How pregnancy yoga will help you?


Regular practice can help enormously, bringing you to a physical, emotional and mental peak. Strong, supple focused, relaxed and happy  a woman such as this will be well placed both to conceive and to carry her baby joyfully right thorough to the birth-provided this is what she wants and there are no major medical obstacles.

Conception and Pregnancy bring great changes. First there are the hormonal ones. Then there are the mental aand emotional changes involved in altering your life so you can focus on the joy of motherhood and your baby's needs.

Yoga can help you sail through these changes with a lighter step, a happy heart and a clear mind


If you have any questions or about pregnancy  yoga classes  please write it to me.



Om namah shivaya.