"Zeit zu Zweit".... with your Partner, best friend or why not a special Day with your mom?


How to show to your loved one.... you are important to me? What about a 60 or 90 min Holiday... Relaxing, refreshing, enjoying.... just you two, some candles... We care about you....


Massage "Relax" for 2

- 60 minutes for both (Aroma-Oil full Body massage with precious oils 

  and hot basalt Stones)

- Herbal Detox Tea

 150 €



Massage "Deluxe" for 2

- 90 minutes for both (Aroma-Oil full Body massage with precious oils 

  and hot basalt Stones)

- included Facialmassage (with luxurus Snowberry Beauty oil and hot

  Aroma towel)

- Herbal Detox Tea

 200 €



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