What is Ayurveda and What is Ayurvedic Massage and its benefit?


"Ayurveda" is the science of Life.It deals with various aspects of Healthy Living and various of remedies to be adopted in diseased conditions.

The words "AYURVEDA" comes from the Sanskrit word. "Ayur" means Life, "Veda" is Science. Ayurveda is widely acknowledged as one of the World´s Oldest Systems of Treatment. It is not just a Health care but a complete approach to be a Healthy Living.

Our Human Body is Mainly composed of Five basic Element substances, namely:


1. Akasha- Space.

2. Vayu- Air.

3. Teja- Fire.

4. Jala- Water.

5. Earth- Prithvi.


These Five Elements constitute three essential components of living body termed as "TRIDOSAS" 


1. Vata.

2. Pitta.

3. Kapha.


Although these three Dosas are essential constituents of the body, but these TriDosas tend to get Vitiated and Imbalanced leading of other constituents of body  resulting in the precipitation of a disease.





  1.   Abhayanga or Ayurveda Massage is defined as a procedure of Anointing of Oil (MEDICATED OIL) apply all over our body. Abhangaya or Ayurveda Massage is used for relaxation as well as giving tone to the Muscles, for promoting the blood circulation and for treating various Disorders. It gives a Glossy and Soft appearance to the skin, Protects against the Vitiation. Abhangaya improves colour and strength of the body.

Proper and Regular pratice of Massage therapy produces following Benefits in the body:


1) Delays Ageing process.
2) Relieves Exertion/ Tiredness/ Weakness due to the various Physical         Activities/ Relieves Stress.
3) Improves Eye Sight / Vision.
4) Strengthens the Body.
5) Induces Sound Sleep.
6) Improves the Quality of Skin, Making it tender, Delicate and Strong.
7) Protects the body from Stress, Exertion. It tones up all the body.            Tissues, Improves Lusture and Testure of the skin becomes Strong and attains Beautiful Look.